Popular Caribbean Superfoods you should immediately add to your diet. 

Costumes by new bands Oxygen and Party Nation

Carnival is a year-long affair throughout the Caribbean. Every island has its unique spin on the festivities with signature beats, rhythm and events. 

Most travelers visit the Caribbean for the fairly obvious- the wide expansive beaches, the warm sunlight, the fruity cocktails (these are all perfect reasons). 

Let’s be honest. When we think about the Caribbean, the first thing that comes to mind is “sun, sand, sea”..and maybe rum?  

If you’re stuck in winter’s icy chokehold, any island may seem like a good idea right now. 

Few things in life are better than a tropical island vacation. Wide open beaches with warm sunshine, tropical fruits (and cocktails), lounging in a hammock all day. 

Have you ever wondered what ingredients or which combination of spices created the marvelous aromas and flavors of Caribbean delights? 

Take a trip to an unspoiled exotic island in the Eastern Caribbean, get out and discover what they have to offer.

Music in the Eastern Caribbean! Yes! The Caribbean is known for the world’s most diverse genres of music and music festivals. 

Calling all pirates to the Caribbean! There is something for everyone, not forgetting the invigorating breezes, blue waters, and all that nature offers you.