Almost everyone finds the sound of waves combined with cool water in the Caribbean sun refreshing, but can there be more to this? 

Grenada, known affectionately by its regional counterparts as the “spice isle” because of their high production of nutmeg and other aromatic spices, is spicing up the month of April in a completely different way.

Vacations don’t happen frequently for most, and when they do you want it to be perfect. Here are a few tips to make your little get away from everyday life more zen than stress.

A new year of new discoveries. Discover the underwater sculptures in Grenada created by Jason deCaires Taylor.

Family vacations are often great in theory, but much more difficult in the execution (if you catch my drift). 

For an entire week, St. Lucian nationals and visitors alike enjoy the Caribbean and international Jazz music festival sure to get you in the groove.

With such an active hurricane season this year (hurricane seasons spans June 1 to November 30) and the devastating news coverage on many islands.

As an outsider looking in, Carnival may seem a little bit intense. It requires complete immersion in a totally different culture, jargon, type of music and dance, but it is one of the most liberating experiences that everyone should participate in at least once.

Anguilla Things to do

With pristine blue waters and wide golden sand, Anguilla may very well have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.