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Costumes by new bands Oxygen and Party Nation

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Carnival is a year-long affair throughout the Caribbean. Every island has its unique spin on the festivities with signature beats, rhythm and events. 

This year, however, is a big one for St. Vincent as they celebrate 40 years of sweet sweet carnival (can you tell we’re a carnival junkie?).  If you’re looking for an ideal place to unwind, party and soak up as much culture as possible in a short period of time, Vincy mas should be on your radar.

One of the more Southern of the EC islands, St. Vincent and the Grenadines hosts its self-proclaimed “hottest carnival in the Caribbean.” The island’s biggest festival is a fusion of calypso and soca music, dance, steel pan and a wide range of parties in a pre-summer fiesta of FUN FUN FUN.

As the 40th year since St. Vincent and the Grenadines began their love affair with a carnival, this year promises to be an even bigger brighter celebration. 

Here’s a list of the events that you should not miss according to locals!


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A competition where local artists perform original songs and vie for the national title. People from all over the world come out in their numbers, flags in tow to support their favorite artist. Wear comfortable shoes!


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Locally called “wet fete,” H2O is quite literally a water party where local and regional artists perform while the crowd is spritzed with water (there’s a dry section for those who don’t want to get wet, but no guarantees).


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Sweet sweet steel pan. Panorama is another competition where the local steel orchestras compete for first place. A hypnotic mixture of culture, talent and pure rhythm.


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Carnival Monday is a pre-carnival of sorts and a much cheaper experience than Tuesday mas (no fancy costumes!). A t-shirt (or bodysuit) with a pair of shorts and comfortable shoes and you’re ready to hit the streets of Kingstown with music blaring on every end, rum punch in hand, dancing your cares away.


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THE BIG LEAGUES! Carnival Tuesday is an indescribable experience with costumes made of feathers and glitter, music, rum and general carefreeness. It is the time when visitors and locals alike throw caution to the wind and sing and dance up and down the streets.